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We are a small family owned business that sells pipe conveyors, vibrational screens and grease tables. Gondwanaland Diamonds is a developer and manufacturer of diamond prospecting and recovery equipment. We build mobile diamond recovery plants and related equipment, such as vibratory screens, driers, pipe conveyors and belt scrapers.














The patented Armstrong pipe conveyors are completely enclosed, low powered and efficient and have the following advantages when compared with other conveyor systems.

  1. Conventional conveyors can be killers. The Armstrong pipe conveyors are completely covered, safe and can be completely enclosed, eyes off, hands off to prevent product theft. (Fig 10,11 & 12)

  2. The belt runs inside the pipe in both forward and reverse directions. (Fig 10)

  3. The conveyor is stable in windy conditions as there is no external return belt and idler pulleys to create wind resistance, flapping, vibration and conveyor instability. The conveyor is easily adapted to a weatherproof unit so as to keep transported material dry.

  4. Power requirements are low and there is little appreciable increase in power required to drive the conveyor when the belt is carrying a load.

  5. The complete rubber belt is quickly installed by pulling an accurately factory hot-spliced rubber belt through the pipe by using the motorised drive pulley.(Fig 13) Removal of the rubber belt is done in the same way.(Fig 14) There is therefore no necessity to join the belt into the system as already joined belt lengths can be kept on site. Belt replacement can be achieved in tens of minutes rather than hours.

  6. The conveyors are easily dismantled into their component parts, transported and reassembled and installed on site. (Fig 15 & 16)

  7. The conveyors can be supplied in completely enclosed, hands off, eyes off units for security and weather related reasons.

  8. Interlinking – The conveyors can be linked in lengths up to 24 meters which make belt fitting and belt replacement far easier and less costly than replacing the entire belt where conveyors longer than 24 meters are involved.

  9. Installation. There are no roof covers or walkways required which is an advantage for difficult to install situations.

  10. The conveyor is aesthetically pleasing in appearance when installed on a new plant.For further information and photographs visit www.gondwanalanddiamonds.com.

  11. For further information and photographs visit www.gondwanalanddiamonds.com.

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